About OAO

The Organisation

Organisations of Public Employees – Denmark (OAO) is the result of the merger between StK (Association of Danish State Employees' Organisations) and DKK (Danish Confederation of Municipal Employees) on 21 June 2007.


OAO is committed to ensuring maximum influence on the wages and working conditions of public sector employees through social dialogue and concerted action.

OAO strives

  • To improve the prospects of workers' influence on and development at work irrespective of differences with regard to educational background, employment conditions, gender and other grounds of discrimination
  • To secure an up-to-date personnel policy that promotes job and competence development and contributes to creating attractive work places

Mission and structure

As far as collective bargaining in the state sector is concerned, OAO is one of the three centralorganisations that form the Central Federation of State Employees' Organisations (CFU). When it comes to collective bargaining in local and regional government, OAO constitutes a coalition within the The Danish Association of Local Government Employees Organisations (Forhandlingsfællesskabet)

The Steering Committee in OAO is composed of the two Collective Bargaining Committees, the CB Committee for LRG and the CB Committee for NA respectively. The Steering Committee elects its president and vice-president from the presidents of the two committees for a 2 year term. The president and the vice-president manage the affairs of OAO in cooperation with the secretariat.

The Steering Committee decides unanimously or on the basis of simple majority according to membership, with the additional requirement that decisions have the support of at least four affiliates.

The two Collective Bargaining Committees have sovereignty to decide on issues relating to agreements and collective bargaining within their respective area of responsibility.

The Steering Committee is composed of 13 members. Lene Roed, president of HK/Kommunal, is the president.

Affiliation to international organisations

OAO is affiliated to the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) and is represented on EPSU’s Executive Committee as well as on three of the EPSU standing committees (Local and Regional Government, National and European Administration, and Public Utilities).